Shows and Events


Let’s be honest, sometimes we have great shows, sometimes quiet ones. The sun shines on some and on others the heavens open. Dry shampoo, wet wipes and Pot Noodles are our new best friends, but despite questionable hygiene and diet, for any newly-launched brand, I could not recommend trading at events highly enough.

The original concept of Rudds Wellies to design a function-led, non-split, all day comfort Wellington boot, would not be the product it is without the thousands of surveys and customer feedbacks we received. So it was a natural progression that, after the samples had been tried and tested for 12 months, we went straight to the customer to see what they thought.

Our first show and official product launch at HOYS, NEC, was a nervy experience. Had we got it right? Was all the positive feedback from our trial period actually real? Fifteen events later we needn’t have worried… our customers understand what we’re about as we understand their needs, concerns and frustrations, and thankfully have created a welly to finally address their problems.

Selling directly to customers at events has given us so much reward. We meet wonderful people from an array of different backgrounds and lifestyles, offering encouragement and feedback we would otherwise never receive if selling through wholesale distribution or at a retail location. Obviously, as Rudds Wellies grow, our product will become available with certain retailers and hopefully, we will soon have our own store in Salcombe to complement our online shop. But for now, you’ll see us up and down the country, giving more people the opportunity to try a pair of Rudds and get to know the brand and the crazy people that created it.

Rudds at Shows

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