Wellies for Dog Walking

Wellies for Dog Walking

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether Rudds are suitable wellies for dog walking. Hopefully this will answer some questions.

Rudds have designed a hard wearing, lifestyle-led wellington boot. A welly that suits the needs of two key markets – equine and dog walking. It was always our intention to create a welly that was warm, supported and springy. A hard wearing boot that gripped the ground rather than having mud filling the treads and adding weight. A boot designed for all day use focusing on foot posture.

Our current range are called Riding Rudds specifically to set them apart from other wellies on the market. This is because they allow for safe and easy stirrup removal. Asides from that they are perfect wellies for dog walking, fully supported and cushioned. There’s steel mid-plate under the sole stopping any sharpness and cold underfoot. Extra weight in the form of mud and clay on the tread is not an issue. Grip is good and long walks are a breeze. Rudds are designed to be worn for long periods, something dog walkers and yard workers will appreciate.

So, if you’re wanting wellies for long walks and dog walking then look no further. Rudds have been designed for you. How many walks have you cut short because your wellies are not comfortable? Hopefully, Rudds may be the answer.

I walk dogs for a living… and am extremely impressed with the quality, comfort and durability of these wellies, after being let down in the past by other brands. Thank-you Rudds!

From the moment I put on my new Rudds, they really did feel like old friends! These boots are seriously warm but also extremely comfortable and don’t need any wearing in… I absolutely love them and they’re well worth the investment.

I walk my dogs every day and absolutely love my new Rudd’s Wellies.
They are very comfortable, warm, easy to get on and off and no need for extra socks even when it’s freezing.