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These Terms and Conditions of Use are not designed to put you off or dissuade you from using our website but necessary to ensure against abuses, content ownership, termination of accounts (because of abuses), limitation of liability and to explain the current law.

The Rudds Wellies website is owned by Aridrani Limited and all rights, including copyright in the content of the website is owned or controlled by Aridrani Limited.

ruddswellies.co.uk gives you up-to-date information, news, features, promotions and the opportunity to purchase our products via our website. These terms and Conditions of Use as well as our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy are designed to protect Aridrani Ltd t/a Rudds as a business and trader and you as an individual and consumer.

Any comments, queries, concerns or suggestions can be made using the Contact tab on our website.

What You Agree To By Using ruddswellies.co.uk

As with all websites by entering and using them you are deemed to accept the relevant Terms and Conditions of Use of that site. This also applies to the Rudds website. If you read these terms and do not accept them then you should not enter or use our website.

The Features and Pages Of The Website

The Rudds website may offer ‘Features’ and ‘Pages’ such as a Shopping Cart, News, Videos, Photos as well as competitions, promotions etc. By viewing these features and other pages you are agreeing:


  • Not to replicate or to resend the content
  • Not to respond to or post any content which may be deemed offensive to others or construed to be threatening, defamatory, racist, homophobic, ethnically or religiously discriminatory, insulting or otherwise unlawful
  • Not to post any content on the website which could cause any technical or security threats to Rudds and our website users (such as viruses, worms, Trojans etc.) or to post any content or features considered a criminal offence
  • To accept that all Features and Pages are used entirely at your own risk and that Rudds accepts no responsibility otherwise
  • To accept Rudds will permanently prevent access to anyone using the website not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


Sending Us Material Such As Photos, Testimonies and Suggestions

Rudds wish to be informative and allow you the opportunity to have a trusting and long-term association by offering a positive experience through our website. As such we are happy to receive suggestions, criticisms, praise, photos etc., but that in doing so you are aware this information will be considered non-confidential unless personally identifiable.

Please also be aware that any such submissions will grant Rudds a perpetual, royalty-free license to reproduce or use that material and to exercise worldwide all copyright or publicity rights. This includes using this material for commercial purposes such as advertising. Naturally, if there is a specific request for content not to be reused this will be considered. Similarly, if Rudds wish to use a photo or material sent by you we will inform you. In short, the simple rule is do not send material you don’t want others to see. All information sent should not be subject to copyright, trademark or publicity rights and that you, the sender, has the right to make such material available to Rudds Wellies Limited.

Website Availability

Rudds will do our best to ensure you have 99.9% availability access to the website. However, there are occasions where outages and other technical glitches can affect transmission. Normally these are the responsibility of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or Telco (Telecommunications) companies but in any such event we will do our best to ensure uninterrupted availability. Should site access be restricted for repairs or updates we will endeavour to inform all potential users prior to commencement.

Your Individual Licence For Website Access

As with most websites, your legal licence to use the Rudds website does not give you permission to download, extract, re-use or modify it, except with express written consent of Rudds. This licence denies any commercial/resale use of this website or its contents or any collection and use of any product listings, description, prices or promos. This includes any derivative use, downloading or copying of any information for the benefit of another merchant or third party and also includes any use of data mining or similar data extraction tools.

You may not frame, cut, paste, use meta-tags, hidden text or use similar techniques to extract any trademark, logo, or other information from the Rudds website. To do so terminates your license to use the website.

Web Links To and From Other Websites

On occasion the Rudds website may contain links to other websites and similarly other websites may contain links to ours. In such instances Rudds is not liable for the availability, content or material contained therein or obtained through any such websites. Access to any third-party website linked to the Rudds website is your decision and done so entirely at your own risk. Any questions, comments or concerns to any such links or material should be made to the owners of that material or link and not to Rudds. Any information that a link may not be legitimate or pose a potential security threat should be made immediately available to Rudds via or Contact tab.

Rudds would kindly request that the use of a link to this website on any other website including social media platforms is requested formally and not published until agreed by Rudds in writing. Publication of a link otherwise must be removed within 24-hours of the request.

Website Content

Rudds make every effort to ensure that the content of the website is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to our product range. From time to time Rudds may remove content, pages or features at our discretion and without notice. This would be applicable to information that may be out-of-date such as expired promotions or competitions.

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge that all content and compilation of such content together with all software utilised on the website, including HTML code text, fonts, graphics, logos, icons, images and software, is the property of Rudds and is protected by UK copyright, EU and International law.

Liability Limitation

As mentioned earlier Rudds will take all reasonable steps to ensure the site is properly functioning at all times but that there may be occasions where the service is interrupted or subject to bugs or defects in the wider internet. Unfortunately, Rudds have no control over this and therefore disclaim all responsibility for and shall not be liable for any damages or other losses incurred as a result of use of the website or its features and pages.


Your Agreement and UK Law

Your use of the website and any purchases made through it will be governed and bound by the laws of England and Wales. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use for the website, you accept any dispute therein and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Rudds have the right under UK law to seek injunctive or other appropriate relief in any court worldwide, so by accepting these terms you consent to exclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waive any and all objections to jurisdiction or venue in such courts.

Legal Statement

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