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Some Random Valentine’s Day Facts


Back in the third century, Emperor Claudius II banned his fighters becoming distracted by marrying in wartime.


So enter Saint Valentine, who performed secret weddings, meaning our national ‘Love Day’ commemorates an act of rebellion.

Signing your messages with an ‘x’ (or kiss as we know it) originates from when people were unable to write.

In medieval times young single men and women would have their names added to an urn and those drawn would be their ‘Valentine’. They’d publicise their chosen one by pinning their name to their sleeve for a week. ‘Wearing your heart on your sleeve’ allegedly stems from this practice.

Almost 75% of men will buy Valentine’s flowers this week, yet 70% of women surveyed in 2016 say they would rather something else. Perhaps a pair of Rudds Wellies!

Valentine’s Day is for Singletons too. Finland has changed the name to Ystävänpäivä – Friends Day.

It is no secret Henry VIII had a penchant for lovers, after all, he did have six wives! In 1537 he declared by Royal Charter no less, that Valentine’s Day should be a public holiday on February 14. Shame that didn’t stick!

Do It Yourself! That’s right! A massive 85% of women buy themselves a Valentine’s Day gift rather than be lumbered with yet more withering flowers from their hapless admirers.

So, with your ruddsw10 voucher code for 10% off, go on… treat yourself!