Plantar Fasciitis. Can Rudds Make A Difference?

Plantar Fasciitis. Can Rudds Make A Difference?

In the busy world of Rudds Wellies we deal with people with foot problems almost daily. At shows and events and in our Devon showroom, the most common problem experienced is Plantar Fasciitis. Can Rudds make a difference?

Often foot problems are exasperated by years of wearing wellies without the necessary support and cushioning required for all-day use. People visit us specifically with the worst foot pain of them all – the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis. They have heard reports and Googled what wellies are best to ease their pain, and Rudds get mentioned!

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition often causing constant pain around the heel and arch area of the foot. The strong band of tissue on the sole of the foot (the fascia) becomes stretched and irritated, often due to poor foot posture. So many of you who wear wellies regularly walking dogs or in the yard, may be familiar with this problem.

When we first developed Rudds our research told us foot support was lacking in most wellies available on the high street. We wanted to get back to using natural rubber. To develop a boot that cushioned and kept feet warm and supported. We wanted to re-invent the welly boot for the two biggest user groups in the UK which are Equine and dog walking.

Since then we have had many testimonies from those of you who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. For many our wellies greatly alleviate symptoms when walking. We design Rudds like a walking boot intentionally because many of you wear them all day, every day. Therefore we understand what support and cushioning means in addition to durability. It’s satisfying to often witness sheer relief on faces when Rudds are tried for the first time.

We were fed-up with boots splitting as well as being cold, uncomfortable, unsupported and lacking cohesive grip. The usual tractor treads merely filled full of mud, added weight to the boot, lost grip and made walking irritable. As a result this can accentuate foot pain.

So, what’s different? Well, you can watch here, but Rudds Wellies offer the following:

• A non-slip tread where mud cannot gather and add weight to the boot. This tread is unique to Rudds Wellies. With Rudds you can walk with confidence. They are also stirrup friendly.
• In addition we underpinned our tread with a steel mid-plate and steel shank across the arch. This keeps the shape of the boot, assists foot posture and blocks out cold and sharpness underfoot.
• Rudds use a thick PU insole (this is removable as we appreciate some of you wear orthotics) which keeps its bounce over time. We have further cushioned and insulated underneath the insole.
• Rudds have triple cushioning and support around the heel and pronounced arch support for all day wear. The boot is designed to hug your foot, to stop it moving and to provide overall foot posture support.
• Rudds have 3mm neoprene lining throughout the boot.
• Rudds have a hard wearing adjustable strap and a larger gusset than average, to accommodate larger calf width.
• Rudds have kick-off lugs on the external heel of the boot. No need for doorsteps, boot jacks, husbands, wives, partners or other unfortunates to help take off your mucky wellies!
• Rudds are 100% natural rubber. No synthetics. No polymers. No injection moulding. Our wellies are handmade and formulated to resist natural barnyard acids (horse urine, manure etc)

In conclusion, we sympathise that footwear is a challenge for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Most online reaction is to avoid wearing wellies at all should you suffer from this condition. Why should you?

So maybe we can help. Every condition and every foot is different. Only your feet can make your mind up! To help we offer free delivery and free returns. So, if you’ve lost hope but never tried, then please do.

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