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Rudds Wellies
Rudds Wellies

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Is it just me or is it impossible to get warm at the moment? 


No matter what, I am frozen. The central heating just isn’t doing it for me. Looking at the weather forecast, I better crank up the temperature!


My other half thinks we live in a different biosphere to everyone else, but he’s even conceded it’s cold at the moment.

I have worn nothing else but my Rudds over the last week. No other footwear will keep my toes warm and I’ve no intention of changing that.

February is a funny month – probably the least attractive of them all but one we all have to get through. If ever there was a good time to take a holiday in the sun it’s now!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes booking shows and events for the rest of the year. We’ve also been concentrating on the development of our product range and mooting various ideas. Our events calendar on the website is updated, although there are still some additions to come.

We have lots of inquiries relating to the Farming/Field range. The plan was to have had them available by now, but the success of the current range has delayed finalising development due to restocking and commitments to future events. At last, we are almost there and will be keeping all those interested informed via our mailing list.

Our first major show of the season is the West of England Game Fair on March 17-18 at the Royal Bath and West Showground in Somerset. Please come and say hello.

For a full list of upcoming events please click here.

Thanks to all of you who keep in close touch via social media. As always it’s great to hear from you and your encouragement and kind words are invaluable.

In the meantime, keep those toes warm!