Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

If you have further questions not covered here please contact customerservice@ruddswellies.co.uk or call us on 01548 289 041

We will be happy to help and advise.

This is the most common question and the hardest to answer! Feet come in a myriad of shapes and sizes – wide, narrow, high arches, dropped arches, toe-length, ankle width etc. Two people with completely different shaped feet can share the same size!

Rudds Originals have been designed to hug your foot to maintain foot posture and support.

Rudds Originals are true to size but we recommend if you are in between sizes or have high arches or wear orthotics that you go for a size up. So, for example, if you are a UK6.5 then a UK7 will be best.

Rudds Wide Foot by contrast are generous in their sizing. These have been designed for those of us with wider feet and toes. So in this instance we suggest if you are a UK6 to order a UK5. A UK6 would fit more like a UK7.  

Please note that the upper last (leg and calf) are the same width for both the Wide Foot and the Originals.

We offer free delivery and free returns, so if you need to change size it’s not a problem.

For Rudds Originals please refer to our Size Guide and Foot Measuring Guide

The two largest user markets for wellies are equestrian and dog walking.  We designed our boots with these two main markets in mind.

When worn, Rudds fit and feel similar to a walking boot rather than a traditional welly. The sole tread is unique to Rudds Wellies, providing a better grip on muddy slopes than any other sole tread we tested. Combined with arch support, triple-cushioning around the heel and a steel mid-plate, Rudds Wellies are ideal for long walks in all terrain. With or without your dog!

Our initial research proved many of you had concerns about calf width. Fashion wellies are simply too narrow for many of you. Rudds Wellies are designed to accommodate a wider calf than most other unisex boots but shaped to look good and fit all shapes of legs.

We invested much time designing the gusset at the top, so those with a wider calf find them easy to get on and off, while those with slimmer legs can reduce width and lock with the adjustment clip.

Please refer to our Size Guide here

Sometimes wellies can be a nightmare to get on and off!

Rudds Wellies have a kick-off lug on the heel. This allows for really easy removal.

There should be no need for doorsteps, boot jacks, partners, children, or friends!

During our initial research so many of you told us you wanted a boot suitable for both mucking-out and riding. There was a clear message to design a multi-purpose boot. As such we designed our Rudds Wellies Original as an all-round, all day work boot that can be used safely for riding.

We have bevelled the edge of the sole tread and created a 10cm (4 inch) toe-width allowing for easy and safe stirrup removal. We have also added and extra 2cm to the height so the boot does not catch your saddle.

We do not recommend the Wide Foot fit boot to be used in a stirrup. As the rubber is more flexible it may result in foot spread and therefore not guaranteed for safe stirrup removal.

Many wellington boots are now made from a mix of rubber and injection moulded polymers. However, Rudds Wellies are handmade from natural rubber with an additional formula to resist urine and other associated barnyard acids, which can sometimes cause drying and cracking.

We do not use any injection moulding processes. We believe natural rubber to be more resistant to the environments our boots are likely to be used in, as they are designed for function, not fashion.

We have had some great feedback from those suffering from painful foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.

For many, our cushioning and foot support provides comfort and relief. When we created Rudds, our main focus was durability, comfort and support. We acknowledged wellies are typically a generic fit, often offering little support and unable to maintain proper foot posture. 

Our soles and heels are made from a hard-wearing, non-abrasive rubber supported internally by a steel mid-plate and arch to maintain support. Rudds are further cushioned and insulated under the thick PU insoles. This allows those who use orthotics to remove the insole without compromising warmth and comfort. The heel area has triple-cushioning and support to maintain shape and strength.

We have had many testimonies telling us Rudds have greatly alleviated certain foot conditions. Obviously, everyone is different but Rudds do offer support where other wellington boots do not.

Everyone is different. Our boots are insulated with 4mm neoprene throughout, have a thick PU insole underpinned with a steel mid-plate underneath, keeping out cold and sharpness underfoot. We normally recommend just normal socks. If you often have cold feet and/or have preference for thick socks we will happily advise on what welly size will suit best.

Rudds Wellies offer a full 12 months non-split manufacturing guarantee. This covers those of you who wear our wellies all day, every day, due to the nature of the environment you work in.

Should your wellies perish due to a perceived manufacturing flaw within the warranty period we will ask for some photos, a copy of your proof of purchase and respond in accordance with our terms.

As with everything, common sense prevails. Rubber, like most natural substances, can be adversely affected by extremes in temperature.

We do not recommend Rudds are kept outdoors on boot racks or stored in environments where temperature extremes are the norm.

We recommend sensible washing with water, especially if they have been exposed to chemicals or other potentially hazardous and abrasive substances.

Very, rarely ‘blooming’ can occur. This is a chemical reaction that can form a white powdery dust on the surface on the boot. This does not have any effect on the performance of the boot but can look unsightly. Should this happen please Contact Us and we will recommend accordingly.

The height of our boot varies incrementally with size bands. The height of a Size 3 and 4 is 38.5cm, the height from Size UK5-10 is 41cm.

Please note – measurements are taken from the bottom of your heel, NOT the boot heel, which measures 2cm.

Please refer to our Size Guide for further info

Function, not fashion. Rudds have many unique benefits.

The mould for our boot is bespoke to our design and not used for any other product.

Our sole tread is globally patented to our design and offers a better grip than all other boots tested.

The ankle and calf width are more accommodating than other wellies on the market.

Our Riding Rudds have been specifically designed and tested to allow for easy and safe stirrup removal and to provide all-day support.

Our steel arch and mid-plate offers support for foot posture normally only found in walking boots.

Rudds Originals are made from a rigid rubber construction specifically designed to maintain foot posture on long walks or all day in the yard. As the boot is designed to hug your foot these are safe for stirrup removal. The Originals are constructed for those who require wellies for what they do.

The Wide Foot boot is made from a more flexible rubber. Whilst still fully cushioned we would not recommend these for all day, every day use as they are not as supportive as the Originals. We also do NOT recommend these to be used in a stirrup as there may be a chance of foot spread due to the rubber construction.

The Wide Foot fitting is for those with wider feet who require a comfortable rubber walking boot.